Caring for your silhouette jewelry and ornaments

Helpful tips to make sure your custom silhouette jewelry and ornaments last a lifetime!

  • Naturally, all metal jewelry can scratch with wear. Help prevent this by storing your jewelry individually and removing when your jewelry would come in contact with rough items.

  • Moisture, chemicals, and salts all speed up the tarnishing process. Remove your jewelry when showering, bathing, swimming and working out for best results. Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, body spray, chlorine and cleaning chemicals.

  • Care tips for individual metals are included below.

Sterling Silver

As with other precious metals, sterling silver will oxidize with time. Contact with the air and handling will naturally speed up this process. It is best to keep your silver dry and away from lotions, perfumes, and harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach. Keep handling/touching to a minimum to prevent excessive tarnish. Store your jewelry and ornaments away from moisture filled areas (such as the bathroom). The best way to clean your sterling silver jewelry and ornaments is to use the polishing cloth which arrives with your order. Rub your jewelry or ornament with the cloth until any fingerprints or tarnish is removed.

14 K Gold

Since it does not rust, tarnish or corrode, gold virtually lasts forever. With regular wear your gold jewelry can develop a film from body oils, soaps and lotions making it appear dull. Regular cleaning will prevent build up and keep your gold jewelry looking like new. As with any precious metal, gold can scratch so it is best to remove your jewelry before showering, bathing, or cleaning and to store it individually. Clean regularly with the polishing cloth that arrives with your order.