Hand Painted Custom Silhouette

Hand Painted Custom Silhouette

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A modern twist on a classic art form. These silhouette portraits are hand painted on masonite board in your choice of six different color mixes. Need to match specific decor? Choose our custom mix option and select up to nine custom colors. Comes ready to frame, or optional white wood framing is available.

Color Mix Options:

  • Warm Mix ~ Fiery mix of red, orange & yellow tones

  • Cool Mix ~ Hues of blue green and lavender

  • Spring Mix ~ Pastel tones

  • Earth Tone Mix ~ Light earthy mix of tans, greens, blues, browns and grays

  • Rainbow Mix ~ All the colors of the rainbow

  • Patriotic Mix ~ Reds, whites and blues

  • Custom Mix ~ Choose up to nine custom colors.

Any accessories worn (hat, ponytail, bows, etc) will be depicted in the finished silhouette unless you request that they are removed. Email your profile photos to leigh@cutarts.com and include your name and order# in the subject line. See photo instructions below.

Please email leigh@cutarts.com with any questions about our custom color options. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Sample colors shown:

Modern Girl:  Yellow oxide, silver, alizarin crimson, deep violet, cerulean blue, cadmium red light, cadmium orange, bright aqua green, primary blue, parchment, magenta (pink).  

Modern Vibes:  Cerulean Blue, Primary Blue, Raw Sienna, Red Oxide, Gold, Cadmium Red, Alizarin crimson, yellow oxide, silver, cadmium orange

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Please take your profile photo against a light wall or solid background. Profile photo should be taken of the right side of the subjects face without a smile. Make sure to include the entire head and all of their hair. A great tip for little ones is to have someone hold up a toy or book in front of them so their face is level, get down on their same level and take the picture of their right side. See example photo.

Email photos to leigh@cutarts.com and include name and order# in the subject line.